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Siting of the Davis VP2 FARS Automatic Weather Station (AWS).
Main AWS. This is the FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield) version of the Vantage Pro 2 AWS, the fan aspiration reduces risk of over heating on calm days with strong sunshine and improves sensor response. This unit also contains the onboard sensor suite - handling rainfall, screen temp, dew point, humidity. Communication with console is by wireless link. Power supply is via solar panel and rechargable battery (charged duirng daylight by solar panel).
Closer view of VP2 FARS AWS. Black bucket houses tipping rain gauge, white screen contains fan, temperature and humidity sensors.
View of anemometer. This is also connected by wireless link to the main console, with power supplied by solar panel and rechargable battery.
This is the main console. Barometric pressure, other variables, datalogging (every 2 seconds) of stations etc is handled by this unit.
PC software. Further archiving options and data handling is provided as well as the ability to upload to a website.